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Muslims for Life Campaign Update

Muslims For Life Campaign, Ahamdiyya Muslim Community, USA

Campaign Update

  • 130 blood donation sites have been arranged in the Country – many in collaboration with other organizations and at their own premises.
  • 90+ have been listed already on and others are being added as we move forward and clarify all arrangements.
  • President Obama was told about “Muslims for Life” and we were given an opportunity to mention its details to the Muslim leaders gathered at the White House for the Iftar dinner.
  • 300,000 Muslims for Life Flyers have begun to be distributed all across the nation.
  • 10,000 “Muslims for Life” T-shirts are beginning to arrive at all chapters and will be worn as the Campaign gets ready to kick-off.
  • 16,000+ letters are being sent to leading legislators throughout the US and  some 9,000 mayors introducing the Campaign.  A letter was delivered in same vein to the President and one is being delivered to the 9/11 Memorial Chairman shortly in NY – Mayor Bloomberg.  These are personalized individual letters that shall arrive at their desks soon.
  • Awareness is being created to gain media publicity for our blood drives – through Radio, TV, Internet and Print media coverage