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Muslims For Life Blood Drive Campaign – 13th Anniversary

Muslims for Life Campaign

To honor the victims of 9/11 and emphasize Islam’s essential teaching regarding the sanctity of life, the Ahmadiyya Muslims Community, USA began organizing blood drives all across the nation in 2011. The “Muslims for Life” Campaign has now become a nationwide annual event.

Over the eight years since its inception, the Muslims for Life campaign has facilitated over 1,500 blood drives which collected 60,000 pints - enough to have helped save as many as 180,000 lives.

Some of our partners include: American Red Cross, America’s Blood Centers, Carter Blood Care, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, American Islamic Congress, Bowl for Life, Blood Centers of the Pacific, KPFT Radio, The Community Blood Center, Community Blood Center of Kansas, Miller Keystone Blood Center, Wildwood Presbyterian Church, Bradford Community Church Unitarian Universalist, Zion Fire and Rescue Department, Bray Center, Inc., Trinity United Methodist Church, Jewish Community Center, Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism, Northwoods Presbyterian Church, and Hosana Lutheran Church.

9th Annual Muslims for Life Blood Drive at U.S. Capitol Hill – 2019

2019 Boston Muslims for Life Blood Drive

2018 Capitol Hill Blood Drive

Our Goals

Honor the victims of 9/11

Collect 12,000 pints per year

Help save 36,000 lives

What You Can Do

Donate blood

Coordinate a local drive

Spread the word

Sponsored by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a religious organization, international in its scope, with branches in over 200 countries. This is the most dynamic Muslim community in modern history, with worldwide membership exceeding tens of millions. The Community is an embodiment of the benevolent message of Islam in its pristine purity. Wherever the Community is established, it endeavors to exert a constructive influence of Islam through social projects, educational institutes, health services, Islamic publications and construction of mosques, despite being bitterly persecuted in some countries. Ahmadi Muslims have earned the distinction of being a law-abiding, peaceful, steadfast and benevolent community. Learn more about True Islam.